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Almost all five star to me this time!
This page brings out the drama always present in nature: the leaving of young adults to a new life of danger and loneliness where they must leave everything they had to protect them and face a whole world of their own.
Is it not so for us too, in a way?
The changing expressions on Africa's face in the first three pannels are awesome looking, and the "coldening, dampening" of the color palette by the wearing of green and blue layered over the animal pelts gives the whole scene an atmosphere of something that both is freezing our protagonists' heart, and almost "shading her over, sickening her" in horror and confusion.
The threat of Giza's black massive body, even if very much older than when we met her, is masterfully done in the fourth pannel. NOBODY would want to face that bulking black cat, as savage as she looks there. Her muscles look ready for the killing leap,her shoulders low in tension, and her claws unsheated and waiting to draw blood if needed.
Even her snarling face in the fifth pannel lags behind that wonderful menace she makes in the fourth one...and that is A LOT to say. Last pannel makes the intelligent choice of showing us Africa from a high point of view, which makes her seem small,more flattened to the ground, more helpless to our eyes. Also, the fact that her eyes are brimming with tears and the frowning of disbelief her eyebrows have compell us to give her a hug. We would, if she wasn't a massive leopard...and if the twodimensions of her paper world didn't stop us from doing it!
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ARVEN92 Featured By Owner May 10, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Oh my! Five stars, I'm honoured!

I'm so happy you like this page!

That's true, animals are just like us in a certain way, we reflect in some of their behaviours :)
I'm really honoured about what you said about Giza! I LOVED drawing her in that panel, with her muscles bunching and ready to spring :) I drawing Giza is so much fun x3
Hah, yes! I would also love to hug Africa, but I don't know if that's a good idea! XD Thank you so so much for this beautiful critique my friend, I appreciate it a lot! :hug:
SkekLa Featured By Owner May 15, 2014  Professional General Artist
I DO!!!
And I also like the one which followed it!!! :nod:

And that's plain to see in the way your drawings of her come up! She looks that fantasticly alive because you love drawing her! :nod: Love filters through the lines of the drawing, and fills it, becoming visible!
Even when she looks fierce and angry...It's plain to see you love drawing her!

True...She might be a gentle leopard, but...we humans are meat walking in two legs, wouldn't be such a reat idea to just go and hug much as I'm sorry not to be able to do it!

You're welcome! I'll always be there to write back while your great art keeps coming!
ARVEN92 Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Aww thank you again!

I'm really glad you said that, I always do my best to get them to look lively :D

And that's true! Leopards don't react the same way as us  :P
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